Laser hair removal is widely considered the most effective method of long term hair removal for any part of the body and also one of the most popular.

A highly concentrated beam of light penetrates into the hair follicle of unwanted hair. Heat from the beam is absorbed by pigment within the follicle to destroy the hair inside of it, thus inhibiting future hair growth

With specifically trained and knowledgeable staff who have over 10 years experience in laser hair removal as well as our exceptional treatment machines which are suitable for all skin types and used by medical professionals across the world, we use our experience to make the treatment comfortable for you whilst delivering outstanding results.

What to Expect

Laser hair removal may also not be suitable for your skin and/or hair type and here at GRoom, we undertake a free patch test to determine whether or not the treatment would be safe and beneficial to you before carrying it out

Prior to a patch test, we ask that you do not carry out any other hair removal procedures so that we can assess the area to be treated. Before any subsequent treatments after the patch test, we ask that you shave the area being treated to improve efficiency of the laser. During treatment, you will be provided with glasses to protect your eyes from the bright light. Our laser technician will then commence on the area using the machines handpiece, working in sections to ensure that all hair follicles have been covered

Treatment with our machines produces little pain in comparison to other hair removal methods such as waxing as only a quick pinch is felt in the treatment area which can vary according to hair thickness and skin type. The procedure can be made even more comfortable for you if required as our experienced laser technician can calibrate the machine accordingly


Prices can typically start from £40 per session for smaller areas such as the upper cheek above your beard line but vary per individual depending of the size of the area

Although hair growth can be slowed after just one session, laser hair removal is well known to be the most effective when undertaken in a course of treatments and we are proud to provide excellent offers on courses. Click here for pricing our most common packages

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