According to a recent survey, over 60% of men regularly undertake some form of body hair removal.

Waxing is one of the most popular methods of hair removal available and amongst us men, back and shoulder waxing is the most common. A lot of men grow thick, dense hair in these areas which appear unpleasing to the eye that we would prefer not to have. Waxing not only gets rid of these hairs, it leaves skin feeling smoother and great to touch. Hair also grows back finer as it is removed at the root resulting in less itchiness during regrowth than shaving with a razor

Lycon Wax System – The most pain free wax available

As men, whether we like it or not, we tend to have a slightly lower pain threshold than women and the common stigma attached to traditional waxing is pain.

Lycon Wax separates itself from the crowd in that it is the most pain free wax available whilst at the same time, containing essential oils that help hydrate and condition your skin. Lycon wax also performs at a higher level by removing the shortest and most stubborn hairs that sometimes aren’t removed through traditional waxing treatments


Please note that the prices listed are starting prices and may increase depending on the size of the treatment area

Area Cream Wax Lycon Wax
Eyebrows £6 £9
Nose £7 £11
Ears £7 £11
Cheeks £7 £11
Half Neck £9 £14
Full Neck £16 £24
Chest or Stomach £19 £29
Chest & Stomach £29 £49
Back £29 £49
Back & Shoulders £44 £69
Area Cream Wax Lycon Wax
Half Arms £16 £24
Full Arms £24 £39
Underarms £12 £19
Hands £9 £14
Buttocks £12 £19
Upper Leg £24 £39
Lower Leg £19 £29
Full Leg £39 £59
Feet £9 £14
Full Body £139 £239

Intimate Waxing

Treatment Area Cream Wax Lycon Wax
Crack Not suitable £24
Male Brazilian (crack, scrotum, penis) Not suitable £64
Male Hollywood (crack, scrotum, penis, pubic area) Not suitable £69