• £18
    Haircut & Finish 

    For the gentleman on the go. Get straight to business with our bespoke haircut and finish

  • £21
    Skin Fade

    The sharpest of trims fading from bare skin up into the desired length on top

  • £21
    Scissor Cut

    A tailored scissor all round cut for those of you with long hair or if you’d like a softer finish than clippers

  • £25
    Haircut (regular) & Beard

    Our bespoke hair cut & finish followed by a beard trim and shape up with a cutthroat razor.

  • £28
    Haircut (skin fade) & Beard 
  • £28
    Haircut (scissor cut) & Beard 
  • £10
    One Grade all over

    Your hair will be trimmed down to the same length all around with a clipper, followed by a shape up.

  • + £3
    Hair Wash

    Shampoo & Conditioning followed by a scalp massage, personalised haircut and finish using our highest quality styling products

  • £12
    Beard Trim & Shape Up

    A tidy trim back down to the desired length using clippers and trimmers, finished with a straight edge razor.

  • £7
    Beard Line Up Only

    Your desired beard shape will be outlined with a trimmer, followed by a straight razor shape up for a sharp finish.

  • Kids Haircut

    Kids and adults haircuts are priced the same as appointment lengths are exactly the same for both. Please note that we do not cut hair for children that are unable to sit on a booster seat by themselves as we run relaxing treatment such as facials and massages at the same time and have received feedback on numerous occasions that very young children who have been vocally upset during their haircut have had an impact on relaxing treatments.