• £60

    Dermastamping (30 mins)

    As suggested by the name, dermastamping works by simply spreading a formulated solution onto the treatment area and then stamping the face full of safe and effective micro needles onto your skin. The micro-channel needles penetrate right into the dermis (middle layer of the skin) to kick start collagen production. When the needle tears the dermis, collagen is formed to repair and rebuild the tissues, forming a fresh new layer. Derma stamping creates very precise and uniform micro “injuries” on the skin’s top surfaces, triggering the body to respond by healing the treated areas quickly and efficiently.

    Dermastamping is a great choice for when you would like to even out your skins texture or tone. Whether you have scar tissue on your back or shoulders or you simply want to get rid of acne marks on your cheeks and forehead, dermastamping is a great option.

Side Effects

Dermastamping produces little to no side effects and you can usually carry on with your daily activities straight after the treatment. You may get redness and slight swelling of the skin due to the needles penetrating the skin but the skin usually returns back to its normal state within a few hours.

Treatment courses

Dermastamping should be carried out in a course of 5 weekly treatments to achieve optimum results. Following the 5 week course, another course can be undertaken for even better results but the skin must be allowed a 4 week rest period.